How to get rid of facial hair forever?

Facial hair

Facial hair

Would you like to eliminate facial hair once and for all and permanently? The truth is that few things are as unsightly for women as the appearance or growth of hair on her face; however, today is a problem that can be easily solved. There are many methods of hair removal that allow permanent and definitive removal and that help to look a wholly smooth and beautiful skin without any trace of unwanted hair. In this article we show you how to remove the hair from the face forever and, in addition, we reveal what the most used methods for hair removal in this area and some home remedies that can delay hair growth and reduce their visibility are.

Laser hair removal for facial hair

If what you want is to remove the hair from the face forever, then the solution is to resort to the methods of permanent hair removal. One of the most effective is laser hair removal, although it is important to keep in mind that this is usually more effective in those people who have dark hair and are light skinned. It is always important to go to an experienced professional hair removal center to obtain good results and to be in the hands of specialists who can tell us which laser technology is the most suitable for us.

Eliminating facial hair with a laser is a safe and fast way that will allow you to finish with hair from areas such as the cheeks, upper lip, chin, forehead, nose, eyebrows, etc.

Photodepilation (IPL) for facial hair

You can also remove hair from the face forever by photoepilation or pulsed light. This unlike the previous one is applied through light pulses that disperse in all directions and cause the temperature to increase in those areas with more dark hairs, in such a way that the root of the hair ends up burning and destroying itself.

The IPL, also unlike the laser, is better suited to all skin types and can work well in darker skins or to remove lighter hairs. Several sessions are necessary, although the total number of these will depend on the characteristics of the hair that each person presents. You will notice how between your session and session your hair starts to grow much softer and weaker. Also, with the IPL you should not shave or remove the hair before the sessions.

As always, the most advisable thing is that you go to a professional and specialized center to perform this type of hair removal.

Other ways to get rid of facial hair

Although they will not offer you definitive results, there are less expensive methods of hair removal with which you can eliminate the facial hair in your day to day and carry them out yourself at home. The different options include:



It helps you to remove hair from the root, so that hair removal is more durable and, also, the hair then grows more weakened. However, the wax is not recommended for those skins more sensitive, as it could irritate and redden the skin, and is better advised for body parts with a thicker skin, such as legs. Anyway, if you choose to wax some area of ​​the face with wax, it is best to resort to cold wax bands that are not as aggressive as hot wax.

Before starting the hair removal and at the end, do not forget to clean the face and apply a moisturizer in the area.