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Your hair helps define who you are, so it’s crucial that you give your hair all it needs to thrive. Follow the hair care tips you’ll find here to ensure that your hair retains its vibrancy for decades to come. You’ll learn hair care regimens that make the most sense for your type of hair, plus how to spot and avoid the pitfalls that can leave you with a head of brittle, thinning hair. Keep your hair bright and lustrous with these healthy hair care tips curated by our Viral80 beauty experts.

How to do loose curls

How to do loose curls

Loose and wavy curs are some of the prettiest curls that you can wear. Here's all that you should know about loose curls hairstyle. A lot of women love the look of loose and wavy curls. It s a feminine hairstyle that suits most head shapes when done right. A wavy hairstyle will suit you…

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Office Hairstyles

Work & Office Hairstyles

Office hours and workaholic women can play with different and beautiful hairstyles. Here are our top three hairstyles that you should try out. Looking for some of the best & most-appropriate work or office hairstyles? A lot of women love to experiment and play around with their hairstyles, but finding ''the one'' hairdo that suits…

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Party Hairstyles

Best Party Hairstyles

Look your best and feel your best when partying an enjoying the night. Here's how to look chic with three beautiful Party Hairstyles. In case it’s your birthday, prom, or just a regular night out with the girls, you will love this article. We will help you achieve the top three perfect and easy looks that will…

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fine hair

Blowdrying Hacks For Fine Hair

Want to give some volume to your fine hair and transform it at your home? Here are all the hair hacks that you should know about! Women who have naturally thin and fine hair will know the struggle of trying to add any sort of volume to their hair. Sometimes, some hair vitamins & shampoos can…

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Curly Hair Routine

Amazing Curly Hair Routine

Achieving curly hair is pretty simple thanks to this amazing curly hair routine! Here is how to look like a true diva, in only 4 steps! Some women love their fresh curls, while others aren’t that good at creating volume and giving themselves the hairdo of their dreams. This is why, in this article, we will explain how to…

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