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Proper nail care can not only give you sensual nails that guys love; it can keep your nails strong and healthy as you age. Learn how to avoid brittle, mal-formed nails that are a pain to care for and can drag you down. Keep your nails shiny on the surface and healthy underneath with pro nail care tips from Viral80.


How To Do A Pedicure

Every woman loves to pamper herself every here and there with her manicures or pedicures! Here's how to do a pedicure on your own and at home. During the Summer season, a lot of us tend to get a pedicure! However, what if we told you that you can do the pedicure on your own, without investing…

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French manicure

How To Do French Manicure

French manicure French manicure is a must-have design for women who love formal and elegant nails. Learn how to do this process on your own, at home, now! Wondering how to do a French manicure? This is a beautiful design that suits workaholic women the best. This nail design is best for the office, and it…

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Nail Polish

The Best Fall Nail Polish Colors

Nail Polish During the Fall season you are probably thinking about experimenting with some nail polish colors, right? Fall is all about pumpkin latest, stylish boots & comfy sweaters. Color-wise, it is all about hot icy highlights, dramatic burgundy makeup, and interesting 100 shades of red! Also, it is about stepping up your nail…

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