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Nail Colors

Fun Nail Colors For The Summer Season

Looking for some fun nail colors for the summer season? Here are the top 4 options that will suit your fingernails and toenails, ideal for any girl!

It doesn’t really matter if you’re choosing a nail polish color for your feet or your hands. Why? Because your summer color should always be fun & bright! In 2020, here are the top 4 polish nail colors that will be popular & seen almost on anyone:

Bright Orange

Bright and dramatic orange will look the best once paired along with shorter and oval-shaped nails. You should get your nails cut and file them with the 100/180 grit file. Rather stick with bright & tacky orange and stay away from darker colors, these can look washed out (which is not fun for the summer season).

Neon Green

Neon Green Nail Colors

If you can find a bright neon green nail polish that glows in the dark, make sure you purchase it! This color will suit younger women who party a lot, and who go to raves. Shape your nails in a square and make sure you also wear some funky clothes to emphasize the unique color choice, as well as your fun & wild side!

Hot Pink

A hot and bright pink will look amazing on women who have longer nails. You should get either acrylics or press-on nails since these will further emphasize the beauty of bright pink and Barbie-like nails. Also, pink nails can look classy, which means that you can still wear them to your job, or even to the office!

Wild Yellow

Wild Yellow

Lastly, why not give a bright banana yellow color a chance? You should shape your nails in a square and go for a matte topcoat! Yellow colors look like fun and they will look even more interesting once paired along with an unusual topcoat. You can wear these nails both short & long, it is up to you!

Which Fun Nail Color Is Your Favorite For The Summer?

So, which one of these top 4 nail polishes is your favorite for the Summer season? All of these are playful and super fun to wear. While you’re at it, you should also figure out how to take care of your skin for the Summer, which is explained in this article:

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