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Summer Skin

Summer Skin – Use BB, CC, or DD Cream For Beautiful Light Coverage

Spring has just arrived and summer is just around the corner. Winter clothes are being pushed to the back of the closets and pink, yellow, and powder blue is showing up at last. Even though we can slip into a sweet spring outfit, and let the sun streak our hair, our skin will need a little more attention. Through the winter, our skin has been exposed to cold air, rain, snow, and ice. It has been chapped and dried. We have used heavy products to shelter it, which leaves its share of problems. Clogged pores cause breakouts. To compensate, we have worn a heavy foundation to make our summer skin look uniform in color and somewhat normal.

As spring arrives we must first, repair the damage and then allow some time to let the skin heal before summer. Luckily, there are products that do both beautifully.

1.   Step Up Your Cleaning

Summer means sweating. You are going outside more for work or play and you will sweat. Even though you can make that work for you when you sweat all the nasty little things in your pores settle on your skin. It will clog and cause blemished skin. Regardless of how old you are, you can get a huge bump on the morning of your date with the handsome new guy in Engineering. 

So, the first thing you do every morning when you get up is thoroughly wash your face with your favorite facial wash product. Most people have their favorites. If you do not, go with one made by the makers of your foundation. It is made to remove the brand you are wearing.  Male or female, your cosmetic line will have a cleanser designed for their brand. But, think about that for a moment. It is made to work with their brand, not with your face. Your face should be under the control of your dermatologist. If the brand is not working for you, call your doctor. If you have never used it, ask for a sample size to try it. Products can be very costly.

Step Up Your Cleaning

Photo credit: Jens Linder

  2. Moisturizer

If you work outside in the sun, you need to apply lotion with sunscreen every 2 hours. It will do you no good to apply foundation or DD or CC cream during your workday. Apply your sunscreen every two hours. You can use any brand that works on you.

Of course, you can take it with you to apply at the end of the day if you are going out for the evening. It is easy to put on and carry. When that time comes, wash your face, pat it dry, apply the coverage of the area you choose, and rub it evenly with your fingers.

3. Decide upon the foundation.

You can use an oil-free foundation. You do not want the glow you reached for during winter months. The summer heat will handle your glow.

Experiment with 3, oil-free coverage creams. They give you just enough coverage to look perfect, and natural. You will choose between:

BB Cream – Blemish Balm, light coverage, that is just enough to cover up a break-out and leave you flawless

CC Cream – Color Correcting Cream – covers redness, brown marks, blends away spots

DD Cream – Dynamic Do All – A bit heavier, does the job of both of the above.

4. Skip the glow and go for the bronzer.

This is a personal choice. Many people find a glow stick is a lifesaver when they are in a rush. A tiny swipe at the base of the neck, above the cheek-bones, or even in the t-zone if you have the right hair-cut can make you look rested, fun, and awake. But, the bronzer does wonders too for someone with an olive skin tone.

5. Wear a nice tinted lip balm.

6. Set your look with a makeup spray.

Don’t forget to wash and moisturizer before you go to bed. Right now you are practicing good habits to protect your skin. But the day will come where you will be rolling back the hands of time. Your beautiful summer skin will look it’s best right now. So do what needs to be done to look your best. One day you will be glad you did. Note: CC Cream is often recommended for wrinkle control.

Please note. One mistake people often make is holding themselves to a seasonal look because they believe it is the law or something. There are no makeup police. You are allowed to dress as you feel it is appropriate. For example. It is the month of June and we want to have a healthy glow from jogging at the beach. But, let’s say you have an important dinner to attend. It has rained for a week and you look a bit drab. Do you arrive pale or do you grab your kit and add a bit of a shine and color? That’s right, you do your magic.

Check your make-up trays folks. Be ready to turn some heads with your summer skin. Spring has begun!

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