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Acrylic VS Gel Nails – Who Is The Winner?

Acrylic VS gel nails – which one is your favorite? You should explore both of these at one point in your lifetime. However, which one is the ultimate winner?

You probably know how fun it can be to wear both acrylic & gel nails, right? Both of these manicures are long-lasting and perfect for women who prefer longevity. However, which one should you get the next time that you’re at the salon? And what are the pros & cons of each manicure? Keep on reading and find your favorite!

All About Acrylic Manicures

Acrylic nails are an often go-to by women who prefer dramatic, long, and artificial nails. These nails are applied on top of your natural ones with monomer powders & liquids. Afterward they are cured under a UV light and are only done by certified nail specialists. They take 90 minutes to do and are a bit more pricey than gel nails.

Usually, women who can’t grow their natural nails get these done at a nail salon. If your nails are prone to cracking, peeling (or even if you bite them) you may prefer long & extravagant acrylic nails!

All About Gel Manicures

Gel manicures are often done by workaholic women, as well as women who love their natural nails. A gel manicure is done on top of your natural nail, and it is a thicker form of polish (while acrylics are poured on top of your natural nails). It will take you around 60 minutes to do gel nails on your own (or around 45 minutes if you are doing them at a nail salon). Just make sure that you own a UV light since this polish can’t be cured otherwise. There is a huge color selection when it comes to gel nails, and you will love these since they can last for 2 weeks without chipping! Also, they are not too expensive!

Acrylic VS Gel – Who Wins?

In the end, this is all up to you to decide! Which manicures do you usually prefer – long, bold & artificial, or short, natural & low-maintenance ones? Let us know down below! PS, you should also check this article

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