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How To Shape Your Eyebrows

Try and shape your eyebrows on your own in four easy steps! Make them even, fierce & fabulous for this time of the year, without even leaving your house!

Do you want to shape your eyebrows on your own, without any help? Well, you can put your esthetician on hold, save some money, and do the process from your home! Here’s how to achieve the perfect eyebrows in just four simple steps!

The Perfect Eyebrows In 4 Steps

1. Let Them Grow

Every esthetician will tell you to let your eyebrows grow out for 6-8 weeks. During this period, they will reach their full potential, and will look even, bushy, and natural! And remember, an even canvas is the easiest to work with.

2. Use A Brow Spoolie & Scissors

Once they are out & about, brush them upwards with a brow spoolie. This item will allow you to see how long they are. If some hairs are sticking out, give them a trim with your scissors! Make sure you use the smallest scissors that you own.

3. Pluck Them

Don’t use hot wax if you are not a professional, and rather stick with some simple tweezers. Use your favorite kind and pull out any unwanted hair by pulling in the direction of your hair growth. Make sure you pluck the hairs that are between your brows (get rid of the unibrow) and especially the end of the tail.

4. Nourish The Skin

Once you are satisfied with your brow shape, wash your face & apply either a moisturizer or a thicker cream over your eyebrows. This will calm down the skin and will help with any irritation. You can also fill in your brows and admire your masterpiece!

Do You Love The Outcome?

As you can see, getting the perfect eyebrows is possible, even from the comfort of your own home! While you’re at it, you should also clean your skin, and enjoy a smoother outcome by following (yet again) only 4 steps!

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