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Eye Color

What Eyeshadow To Use Based On Your Eye Color?

We all love to play around with eyeshadow, don’t we? However, do you know what eyeshadow to use based on your eye color? Find out right here!

Doing your makeup on a daily basis is a fun experience, but sometimes, we tend to mess up! Reaching for that one eyeshadow that doesn’t suit your eye color or skin complexion can truly make a huge difference! So, how about you avoid all the wrong eyeshadow colors, and simply stick to the ones that will suit you at any given moment! Here’s how to look flawless, and have a bulletproof eye makeup each time!

The Perfect Eyeshadow To Use Based On Your Eye Color

Dark Brown Eyes 

Dark brown eyes will look the best with dark green & dark purple eyeshadows. You can also opt for a muted brown. Don’t use white or silver since it can’t look flattering with your eye color.

Brown Eyes

Brown eyes love a pop of blue! Lighter brown eyes will look the best with a light blue shadow on the lid. You can also use rich chocolate brown eyeshadows, as well as beige & shimmers!

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes have that unique and unusual mixture between brown & green, and they can pull off a lot of eyeshadows! Some of the most flattering ones are orange, yellow, as well as a light brown.

Green Eyes 

Green eyes are the rarest in the world, and they look amazing with pink, silver, as well as purple eyeshadows! Women with green eyes should avoid applying any form of green shadows, while everything else is acceptable.

Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes and Green Eyes

Blue eyes will pop with some bits of brown, dark orange, and definitely black eyeshadows! If you are experienced, try and do a black smokey eye, it is a flattering look on younger women who love bolder makeup!

Ready For Makeup?

Do you feel a bit more excited as well as prepared for the upcoming makeup application? If so, we also recommend and advise on figuring out how to do a black smokey eye, which you can find out right here: You will love this especially if you have blue eyes!

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