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Welcome To The Prom of 2020!

One of the biggest days of our lives is our graduation. We work our way through school, learning basics that will be with us forever. When we have completed this, we celebrate. We are dressed in a cap and gown and given a certificate of diploma. The caps are believed to have evolved from hats worn by scholars and professors in the 15th century.


Soon after graduation, the graduates are given a wonderful party. The young ladies are dressed in beautiful evening gowns and the young men wear tuxedos. Some coupes arrive in their cars while others come in limousines.

The rooms are decorated elaborately. There is music, dancing, voting for prom queen and king and many other fun things.

Prom 2020 – The Pandemic

In the year 2020 the world was hit by one of the more deadly pandemics in history. Coronavirus began in China and it hit fast and hard. By May of 2020, 5.4 million cases of the virus had been confirmed and there had been 345,000 deaths. To date, there is still no cure. 

Of course, this brings us to prom month. Most schools have had no choice but to cancel the prom for the safety of the students. At first this was a real blow to some hard working students. But, if there is one thing we know, it is that no one can hold back the imagination of our youth. 

With some organization help from friends and families the 2010 Prom will go on as scheduled.

Using computers, Laptops, and Smart-Phones neighborhoods synced their music. Living rooms were decorated and graduation cakes were baked. Uncles and brothers danced with grandmothers and little girls in their “Frozen” nighties. People voted for Prom Queen via text somehow, several won.

It is a fact that 2020 will go down in history as a unique time. But for a few thousand families there will be a sweetness about that year just for them.


While our article brings a bit of a smile to terror we are all facing at this time in history, trust us we are not making light of the situation. Many people are still sick. More people die every day. We are just now beginning to venture out into the sunshine. We still have no cure and we still don’t know if the virus will mutate and this nightmare will begin again. The fact is, there is still very much we don’t know.


Your pet can catch the virus. It will be very hard for you to know if he is ill before he is very ill.  It is a good Idea to keep the dog kennel at least 6 feet from visitors. Disinfect his area and be sure to wear a mask and gloves when you clean his food, water and waste. Once a safe period of time has passed or his doctor has given him the all clear, you should still be careful or other people’s pets.

As we go into these times, we urge you to use all of your government tips and a lot of common sense. If someone seems sick, do not go around them. If your animal seems ill, keep him 6 foot away from people and take him to the vet for a check. If you have an immune issue with another problem – have your doctor check your blood.

Keep a package of wipes in your car. Pour a cap of alcohol on them. When you pay with a card at a window, wipe off your card as you wipe your hands. Extra protection is just a good idea.

We hope by Prom next year, this will just be a bad memory. But for now. Let’s all be careful.

Tell us, did Coronavirus ruin your prom?

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