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Wedding Dress Edition

How To Dress For Your Body Type: Wedding Dress Edition

Wedding Dress Edition

Finding your ideal size is hard on its own but dressing up for your body shape is even harder. If you want to look your best you have to determine your body shape & your body type. in this wedding dress edition, there are 4 different kinds, keep on reading to find out which is yours!


Hourglass curvy

If you have a bigger bust and larger hip, as well as a slim waist you fall under this category. You probably also have rounded shoulders, and you are often described as curvy. You will look the best in wrap dresses, as well as soft silk drapes which gently enhance your natural curves. You can also stick with V-necks and slimming necklines.


Women with rectangular body shapes have long & thin arms as well as legs, but they don’t have a defined waistline. If you can wear every item of clothing without feeling stuffed in it, you fall under this category. Your body type needs some dimension & shorter dresses to create an illusion of definer waist. Also incorporate scoop neck tops, as many as possible ruffles & collars, as well as frills.


Pear curvy

Your shoulders are a bit more narrow yet you have bigger curves at the bottom? Your waist is thinner, and your chest is smaller? You are definitely a pear. This body type should defined their waist, but also create an illusion of fuller upper half. Go for a strapless dress which has the sultry A-line shape. Fabrics such as chiffon or cotton will suit you the best, as well as horizontal stripes on the upper portion of your torso.


Apple curvy

Apple-shaped body types have same size waist & hips. Their silhouette is a lot thinner and more defined towards their bottom and legs. Most of your weight is carried around your rib cage, and you have a wider back. Strive for a dress which shows off your arms, legs, and cleavage. Don’t accentuate your back, stomach, or your torso. Look for monochrome dresses and go for V-neck tops. Belted gowns would look the best on you, especially those which tie around your waist.

Ready To Find Your Perfect Dress?

Did you manage to find your body type under these 4 wedding dress edition categories? Want to share which one it is with us in the comments? Make sure you implement these rules when hunting for your perfect dress! Meanwhile, read into how to get the perfect makeup look which can suit any formal occasion.

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