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Morning Routine

Morning Routine: Skincare

Waking up and doing your morning routine to take care your skin can actually be fun. Both men and women should follow along some of the simplest steps if they want to achieve flawless results. Here is what you need to do for your morning skincare routine!

Top 4 Skincare Steps

Exfoliate for your morning routine


Exfoliate no matter your skin type. If you use mild scrubs you will remove any gunk, debris or makeup residue that you didn’t remove properly the night before. Exfoliate for 3 minutes and you’ll be good to go!

Apply Moisturizer

Apply Moisturizer

A thick and creamy moisturizer is an amazing choice if your skin is dry. You can also apply a thin and lightweight kind if you have normal skin. However, apply it with clean hands and make tapping motions.

Humidity Is The Key

Humidity Is The Key

Although we all apply moisturizers every day, the way you apply them is crucial. You should apply it on top of the skin and then turn your shower on. You can hop in and wash your body, or you can just leave it on for the heat and humidity to spread. This is an awesome trick which will further push your product deep into your skin and you will experience more hydration. Steam opens up the pores, so be aware of this the next time you shower.

Eye Cream

Eye Cream

Eye creams will fight away wrinkles & fine lines. You should use an eye cream as soon as you turn 25 years, and you should fight off discoloration and signs of aging. Both men & women can use them and should apply the product in with their ring finger and dab into the skin.

Simple morning routine for an amazing skin

Amazing Skin, Simple Morning Routine This sounds quite easy to follow along, doesn’t it? You can do these steps and enjoy clearer skin in just 4 steps! The best part? This is so universal and easy to follow along. You can do this no matter your skin type, age, or even gender! Since now you know how to get the perfect skin, why not read into this article and discover strong nails as well

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