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Strong Nails

Strong Nails In 3 Steps

1. Creams & Oils

Women have such a hard time trying to grow out their nails long, strong, and healthy. Sometimes we genuinely regret acrylic manicures, gels & constant picking of the nail polish since all of these movements do harm our nail beds. Well, in case you want to fix what’s broken, try out these three helpful solutions and get strong nails!

Often enough moisture will lead to longer & stronger nails. You should always soak your nails in creams & oils which have Aloe Vera, Jojoba oil or any oil which is hydrating & soothing at the same time. Meanwhile, some women may also want to purchase some dietary supplements (like Biotin) since these are amazing at boosting your nail growth. If you want to know a bit more about the right nutrition, check out this article on Ways to Boost Your Metabolism.

2. Protect The Nails

Because we expose our bodies daily to impurities, it is crucial to give ourselves the ultimate protection. Many doctors will advise you to add as much protein & fatty-acids to your diet, which are excellent for overall body health. Besides this, nail-wise you should use rubber gloves when working around the house. Since we use harsh chemicals, it is essential to protect our nails, skin & fingernails with rubber gloves: especially when cleaning the windows, bathrooms, and when washing the dishes.

3. Give Your Nails A Break

Your nails need to rest and restore on their own in between the manicures. Try and let them breathe for 2-3 weeks without doing any polish on top. Meanwhile, stay away from gels, acrylics or nail polishes, but incorporate a nail-boosting serum into your routine. This is also called a nail hardener and is used every day for a week until you are left with naturally better & stronger nails.

Will You Try This?

These three solutions are super easy to follow along and will leave you with naturally long nails. Women who want to save some money by staying away from artificial nails will love these tips. So, are you going to be one of them?

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