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Makeup Trends Spring 2019

Makeup Trends Spring

Makeup is something that every woman loves to do at least on a weekly basis. However, staying up to date with current trends can be challenging. If you are wondering what makeup looks are going to be huge this Spring, you are going to love this article. Here, we will let you in on the top 3 Makeup trends spring for 2019 that every woman can pull off and look as chic as never before!

Here we go!

  1. Bright Pink

Bright PinkA pop of pink is still hot and trending, and it seems like it won’t be going away any time soon. Bright & flashy neons are a huge statement in the fashion industry, but as well as on your eyelids! You should wear a bright pink eyeshadow on the lid, as well as a bright pink matte lip color to finish off your statement look.

  1. Green & Brown

Green & BrownIf you are someone who loves to play around with neutral eyeshadows why not get this ultimate color combo? A bit of brown in the crease, followed with a pop of green on the center of the eyelid can look so irresistible! This can be your nighttime as well as daytime look since it is so simple yet eye-catching.

Also, don’t forget to round it up with your favorite lash mascara and a bit of a black liner to seal the deal!

  1. Dewy Skin

Dewy SkinLast, but certainly not least, you can go for wet, glossy & dewy looking skin. This look is almost editorial like because it screams luxury & high-maintenance. All you have to do is apply loads of liquid highlighter to your clean & moisturized face and follow up with powder highlighter on top. However, since all of us know that beauty comes from within and that you cannot have clean & glowy skin without a proper diet, make sure you take care of your body. You can look into some cleansing methods here: How to detox your body.

Ready For Spring?

So, which makeup look appeals to you the most? Since we have 3 beautiful & unique options make sure you let us know what look you’ll be doing the most this season, and for which occasion.


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