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Top 3 Hairstyles Which You Should Wear


Tired of straightening your hair with an iron? You’ve had it enough with those beach waves? Maybe it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and explore some new and amazing hairstyles? These 3 can be worn by any woman, no matter her age! They are also appropriate for the office, school, or even some glamorous events! Keep on reading and see it yourself.

1. The Hair Bling

The Hair Bling

Hair accessories have been a huge trend lately, and everyone’s been wearing them. If you love shimmery hair clips, pins, and giant diamond pieces – you are going to love this trend! You can wear your hair straight and with some key pieces around your forehead. You can also wear it in a ponytail and accessories in the back if you are off to work.

2. Messy Bun

Messy Bun

A messy bun is an ideal quick & easy hairdo. You can achieve it by not washing your hair for 3 days straight! If you’ve been pretty busy lately and you haven’t had time to wash your hair wear it in a twisted loose bun. Leave some key pieces straight and out of the bun (like around your ears) and apply a hefty amount of dry shampoo.

3. Shiny Blowout

Shiny Blowout

A Brazillian blowout is a bold & fierce choice. Women who love long, sleek & shiny hair will enjoy this style. All you have to do is blowout your hair and apply a hefty amount of shiny hairspray to give it a bit more life & shine. This hairdo looks the prettiest on women who have straight & non-frizzy hair type.

Which Is Your Favorite of these Hairstyles?

So, which one out of these 3 is going to be your must-have this summer? All three are ideal for formal & casual events, simply pair them up with the right outfit and you’ll be good to go! You can also check out 4 amazing outfits to pair with your hairdo.

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