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Nail Polish

The Best Fall Nail Polish Colors

Nail Polish

During the Fall season you are probably thinking about experimenting with some nail polish colors, right? Fall is all about pumpkin latest, stylish boots & comfy sweaters. Color-wise, it is all about hot icy highlights, dramatic burgundy makeup, and interesting 100 shades of red! Also, it is about stepping up your nail polish game! If you want to experiment with your nails yet keep them stylish keep on reading and find out how to do it!

Top 4 Fall Inspired Nail Polish Colors: Essie & OPI

These two brands are well-known for their longevity, amazing color payoff, and endless color choices. If you want to shop at a budget, save some money by not getting gel polish manicures, think about Essie & OPI!

1. OPI In The Cable Car Pool Lane

OPI In The Cable Car Pool Lane

This hot & dark burgundy is ideal for women who love dark & sexy options. It has just a bit of shine and is the perfect & typical Fall color option.

It can look great on both shorter & longer nails, and it is the perfect weekend color choice.

2. Icelanded A Bottle of OPI

Icelanded A Bottle of OPI

Are you in love with lighter colors? Stay away from nudes & get yourself this icy gray. It is very rich & thick in consistency, while not being too shimmery. 

It is the perfect solution for day-to-day activities, and it will look feminine on every lady.

3. Essie Of Tropic

Essie Of Tropic

This dark, mystical & beautiful green is something that every lady will want to wear, at least at one point. It is very bold & unique, ideal for the office wear.

Women with longer nails will rock this color better. It is also ideal if you want to make a statement, no matter where you go.

4. Rust Worthy

Rust Worthy

Want to add something rustic, metallic & shimmery? Burnt orange is perfect for Fall! This rustic shade will look the cutest on longer nails, and it will give you confidence at any given point.

It is a solution for women who are on a budget, and it will pop with every outfit you end up wearing.

Which One These Nail Polish Is Your Favorite?

So, which of these four shades is your favorite? Tell us what you’ll be wearing in the comments down below! Also, try to incorporate one of our hairstyles along with your nails. This can be a killer look.

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