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Gel Nails

How To Do Gel Nails At Home

Want to step up your nail game and get the perfect manicure on your own and at home? Here’s how you can save money and still end up with flawless gel nails!

Want to do your own gel nails from the comfort of your home? Not too sure what tools you need, or what are the exact steps? Keep on reading since we will help you achieve the perfect salon-like nails in only 5 steps!

5 steps to do your gel nails salon-like

1. Prepare Your Tools

Make sure that all your tools are prepped and ready to go. You should have:

  • A UV lamp – for you to cure your nails
  • Nail clippers & a nail file – to shape your natural nails
  • A nail buffer – for a smooth base
  • Base coat – for preparation
  • Gel polish – you can choose any color you like
  • Top coat – to set it all in place

2. Shape Your Nails

Achieve your preferred and ideal shape with your nail clippers and a nail file. Cut your nails to your ideal length and give yourself either a square or oval shape.

3. Use The Buffer

A nail buffer is used over your nail surface if you wish to remove the excess amount of shine, as well as oils. The cleaner and smoother the base – the easier it is for you to do your gel manicures.

4. Prep Your Nails

Use a base coat and add one thin layer of it over your nails. This will prepare your natural nails for future product placement. Cure it under a UV or LED lamp for proper results.

5. Add Color

color gel nails

You should apply your favorite gel polish at this point. Add one thin layer and cure it under a UV lamp for 60 seconds. Add one more coat afterward and cure it for 120 seconds.

Set your manicure with any top coat and enjoy your chip-resistant outcome!

Ready For Your Gel Manicure?

You can achieve the perfect salon-like nails in just 5 steps. Make sure you have all the needed tools before you jump into the process. While you’re at it, why not also figure out how to take care of your hair based on your hair type, here’s all that you should know

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