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natural nails

Things to do to have natural nails this spring

Whether you religiously paint your nails as a form of self-care or can’t stop picking and biting your cuticles, we all want healthy, well-groomed nails. Well-maintained nails instantly make you look polished and can even make your hands appear more youthful. For all those who want to achieve a healthy look of their natural nails, these tips come just in time for the spring season. Try them out and see the change and the beauty of the natural nails.

  1. Keep your hands clean

how to clean nailsWhen you are done washing your hands, ensure that there is no dirt under your nails by removing all the polish with a non-acetone remover which does not have any drying effect on the nails. Cleanse your fingernails and surrounding skin gently using a toothbrush soaked in soap to get rid of dead cells and other unwanted particles without using chemicals that can make it dry.

  1. Go gently on your nails

Your nails are gentle therefore take care of them like so. Do not dig too much under your nails with metallic material because they separate from the skin as a result. It can also cause nail weakness when you use chemicals during cleanup or dishwashing by hand. Hence, put them in rubber gloves, vinyl gloves nitrile gloves, or plastic gloves to protect them.

  1. Moisturize the hands and nails regularly

Moisturized nailsJust like you moisturize your face before bed, your nails need the same attention. Effective raw materials include ingredients such as solvents such as glycerin, contaminants such as fatty oils, and sealants such as silicone that work together to provide nails and skin with the proper hydration and moisture.

  1. Read the nail polish ingredients list

Not all products are created equal, so the same goes for nail polishes too. According to the experts, for all those who want healthy and natural nails, it is best to stay away from all the polishes that contain toxic chemicals, the ingredients that you should avoid in nail polish are dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, and toluene. All of these are toxins that can lead to cracking, brittleness, and splitting of the nails.

  1. The top coat prevents nail chips
nail chips

Don’t skip the top coat – it’s just as vital as the polish itself. The top coat seals in the color and gives your nails a nice shine. Your natural nails will look revitalized and healthy if you add an additional top coat layer. Do this every three days so that you will prevent chipping. That way you will get the most out of your manicure and achieve the look of natural nails this spring.

  1. Balance the gel and acrylic treatments

Although the gel and the acrylic nails can be very hard on the nail, there is still a way to wear them and minimize the damage. To reduce the risk, apply an SPF of 30 or 50 before the treatment. The SPF will block the damage caused by the UV lamp and you will get the look of fresh natural nails.

If you follow these 6 tips, you will certainly have beautiful and natural nails this summer. Good luck.

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