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spring fashion

Spring fashion trends to try out right in 2024

If there is one thing that the fashion lovers adore and await, those are the upcoming fashion trends. Whether seen on the runway, online, or in-store, each new season brings a set of new trends. And these new spring fashion trends are set to dominate the street style. For the awakening spring season, there are just a bunch of options for everyone.

The new spring 2024 trends come inspired by the runways and the fashion week collections. Contrary to previous seasons, where there was a theme that was present throughout all trends, this time the trends bring a lot of varsity. So what are we going to wear this spring? Keep on reading to find out the latest spring fashion trends and how to wear them.

Spring fashion trends 2024

 The great white dress

 If you thought the white dress was a summer garment, you are very wrong. In fact, many would just opt for the little white dress, but the new spring fashion trend put the accent on the heavier and bigger options. For example, this spring go with a crisp cotton poplin midi dress. It will evoke the romantics and deliver a breezy sensation in a more fashionable and modern form.

A new minimalist color palette

As each spring fashion season is usually filled with pastels, this one comes with lots of color blocking. What the new trend actually brings is both shade-matching and pairing opposite hues. This is an approach that will deliver a striking and dynamic look. For those who are willing to play it on the safe side, the new color palette for the minimalists includes soft shades like blue, sand, taupe, and pink.

The Row 2024

(The Row Spring Fashion 2024)

Timeless trench

No spring season can pass without the presence of the timeless, elegant, and forever-favorite trench coat. For the new spring fashion season, the designers have revisited this iconic staple. The new looks come infused with some new modern silhouettes and styling. This spring’s fashion timeless trench introduces some eye-catching details like capes, high buttoning, scarves-attachments, etc.

Bottega Veneta Spring fashion 2024

(Bottega Veneta Spring 2024)

Icy Blue

Getting ready for the warmer season means shifting towards the white color. But this shift comes through the soft blue shades. The new spring fashion color to try out is the icy blue. This is a hue that goes with everything. As seen on the fashion runways, the icy blue is a perfect choice for an organza blouse. Also, the full suit look, leather coat, etc are great options. For those who are not fans of the head-to-toe icy blue look, a black base is always a great approach. It delivers a quiet nod to styling and creating a more subtle look. On the other hand, if you are ready for some color blocking, then, the bold red is a no-miss option.

Stella McCartney 2024

(Stella McCartney Spring 2024)

Pencil skirt

The corporatecore is a style that appeared on the runways several years ago. Since then, there is always at least one staple that is re-introduced into the new set of seasonal trends. For this spring fashion season, it is the sleek pencil skirt. It can come in a variety of looks like patent leather, with a tucked-in top, different textures, and many more.

Saint Laurent Spring fashion 2024

(Saint Laurent Spring 2024)

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Feature image: Marie Claire

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