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New and fresh make up ideas for spring 2024

Spring is a wonderful time to focus on make up ideas and trends that can help you look put together without much effort. Think of soft, peachy lips, bold eye shadow, dewy skin.. These elements of various makeup ideas create a polished look with minimal hassle.

For all the beauty lovers, here are the top soft and airy beauty make up ideas and looks for spring 2024. Try them out and welcome the sunnier days in a trendy and colorful look.

Peach tones are trending

The new spring makeup ideas lean toward creamy lip textures. Contrary to previous seasons, matte lips are becoming less popular. Instead, there will be much more ladylike peachy lipstick shades. These shades complement any other makeup and add a warm glow. Especially the smooth, buttery finish, peachy tones are perfect for enhancing bare lips.

Peach tones are trending

Loud Lips

According to the experts, brighter and more vibrant lip colors are trending makeup ideas this spring. For those who want to have fun with color, there are plenty of great options to try. The makeup artists suggest experimenting with different color combinations. That includes using a pink shade on the top lip and a red one on the bottom, and achieve a bold look. Another idea is to use a darker shade around the outer edges of the lips and fill the rest with a lighter color. Of course, the classic bold red lip will always be a timeless choice.

High-Shine Skin

Glowing, glossy skin is going to be a major look this spring. Everyone wants to achieve a flawless, radiant complexion. To get that super reflective, fresh, and youthful glow, mix some luminous face and body products right into your foundation.

make up ideas for High-Shine Skin

Sculpting Blush

Adding a touch of color to your cheeks is a subtle way to shape, brighten, and lift your face. To try this trend, simply apply the blush on your cheeks and in the areas you want to emphasize. This will create the illusion of fuller cheeks. The trick is to first press the blush brush onto your hand or a tissue before applying it to your face. This gives you more control to build up the color gradually.

Tie-Dye Eyes

Using just one eye shadow color is an easy and popular look. But the latest spring makeup ideas feature bold, colorful eye makeup. So, if you’re feeling inspired to experiment more with makeup, you can try the tie-dye eye look. To achieve this, simply apply two vibrant eye shadows – either stacked on the lids or added along the lower lash line. Colorful and striking eye looks don’t have to be in shocking hues to look great.

Instagram makeup

Another big trend in the pool of makeup ideas to try out this spring is Instagram makeup. Namely, to achieve this type of look, you need to go back to the 2016 makeup ideas aesthetic. These looks came with carved brows, blended eye shadow, lots of contouring, baking, etc. The new modern version includes playing with lots of eye shadow, color, liners, and putting your creativity to work.

Instagram make up ideas

Combine your make up with these sprint fashion trends. If you want more make up ideas. Join us in our social media accounts Facebook and Instagram.

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