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Winter nail colors

Winter nail colors that will be an absolute hit

Interested in finding out what will be hot and in fashion one month from now? Here are your perfect nail polish options for winter nail colors!

Every day is getting colder and colder as the season changes. You are already halfway through the fall season, regardless of where you live in the world. Well, heads up since harsher and colder winters are coming! Aside from that, fashion will drastically change, and you will be obligated to follow some newer trends. Interested in what those are? If so, here are the top 5 nail colors that you will want to wear and show off in the upcoming period!

1. Icy blue

Icy blue: Winter nail colors

An icy washed out light blue will look amazing on shorter nails. It is also a beautiful go-to for the office since it is so feminine, practical, as well as ladylike. You can easily match it with most of your outfits as well + it screams winter on its own!

2. Dark grey

Dark grey

A dark grey shade will look feminine as well as mystical on most nail lengths and shapes. You can go for a square shape when rocking a feminine and subtle dark grey manicure since it will make your nails stand out, and it will also look gorgeous for the entire month of December and January!

3. Festival red

Festival red: Winter nail colors

Festival red or dark glossy red of any kind will look dramatic as well as fiery and fierce. You will enjoy wearing it to any Christmas festivities, during the holiday season, or when going on a hot date. Red colors are common and quite feminine, as well as the sexiest once paired along with red lipstick.

4. Mystical green

Mystical green

Mystical green or a dark green that has a bit of hue and shine will look great on women who love to party, as well as women who are into noticeable manicures. You should pair this color with any golden detail – whether if it is your outfit, jewelry, or an accessory, it will look gorgeous and quite contrasting next to your manicure.

5. Dark brown

Dark brown: Winter nail colors

Last, but not least, you can opt for dark brown nail polish and stick to something that is inspired by hot chocolate, as well as all the delicious sweets that you will be enjoying this winter season! Wear your dark brown polish on oval-shaped nails and embrace this simple yet cute manicure, which is perfect for any age group.

Ready to rock your nails?

So, which one of these top five winter nail colors are you ready to rock? Let us know which manicure was your favorite, and which one speaks to you the loudest! While you’re at it, you could also check out this article and find out why you should get a facial sometimes soon, especially during these colder days

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