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Top three makeup looks that will be everywhere this winter

Winter season is here, and here are the top three prettiest makeup looks that you will want to wear and show off!

Wondering what are some of the prettiest makeup looks that you can wear and show off this winter season? A lot of things have changed due to the global pandemic, but some fashion shows and runways have still presented and showed their aspiring work on their models. According to some makeup artists and experts, here’s what’s going to be huge in the winter of 2020!

1. Soft pastel lilac eye

makeup looks: Soft pastel lilac eye

A soft pastel and lilac eye is a must-have for the winter season. It emphasizes your eyelids and your eye color, but it will make green eyes pop and look the prettiest. Apply your favorite pastel light purple eyeshadow with your ring finger. You can ignore the lower portion of your face since you will be wearing a face mask either way. Add a bit of shimmer and highlighter to your forehead, and call it quits!

2. Icy glossy lip

Icy glossy lip

For your indoor moments where a face mask is not mandatory, you should wear a feminine lip gloss. Go for something that has a blue undertone and loads of white or golden flakes of shimmer! This lip gloss will be huge this winter + you can also use it over your eyelids and enjoy that monochrome yet sparkly look.

3. Dramatic black liner

Dramatic black liner

A dramatic winged liner will never go out of fashion. You can wear a retro and defined liner with loads of mascara on your upper and lower lashes. This eye look is appropriate for the office and it is great for any age group!

Ready for these winter trends?

So, are you ready to experiment and play around with some of these makeup trends? Which one of these top three looks is your favorite, as well as your ultimate go-to? Let us know! Also, while you’re at it, you could experiment and play with these gorgeous nail polishes that will be a huge trend this winter season!

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