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Looking for the best Summer bikinis? If so, you will love our list and these top three choices! These are the prettiest colors that you should have, asap!

Summer is here, which means cocktails, a lot of fun, as well as bright and noticeable colors. Are you ready to stand out and let everyone notice you while you're at the beach, or by the pool? If so, you will enjoy our top 3 must-have Summer bikinis!

Top 3 Bikinis That You Should Wear This Summer

1. Dramatic Yellow

Dramatic Yellow

This mustard yellow color will look the best on women who have pale skin. If you are a fan of two-piece swimsuits and you also like just a bit of color to your outfit, go for this design. This bikini will look the best once paired along with a straw-like bag, and some comfy beige sandals! You will stand out in this outfit at the beach when sipping cocktails, and definitely when swimming.

2. Bright Blue

Bright Blue

Not a lot of women dare to wear blue. However, do you wish to stand out and break the rules? If so, this bright blue one-piece swimsuit is for you! It is very easy to style and you will like it since it will give you the needed curves without making you worried about any ''extra'' pounds! A one-piece swimsuit looks the best on women who like to feel covered up and who don't want to heavily tan, yet they wish to look stylish!

3. Hot Pink 

Hot Pink for summer bikinis

Lastly, you can always seek looks and make everyone turn heads when you wear this pink bikini! This two-piece will look the best on women who already have some tan going on. Your pink bikini will also look amazing once paired with a bright pink or nude lipstick. You should also go for some stylish sunglasses since these will finish off your outfit!

PS: Always bring an SPF with you. Make sure that you are protected at all times, and use (at least) an SPF 30!

It's Bikini Time

So, girls, which of these top three summer bikinis is your favorite and top-choice? We highly recommend all of them, and we can vouch that you will feel feminine and powered in any of these! Also, while you're at it, learn how to protect your skin during the Summer season through this article right here: https://viral80.com/skin-care/summer-skin-use-bb-cc-or-dd-cream-for-beautiful-light-coverage/