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We are pleased to accept submissions from all contributors, doesn’t matter your ethnic backgrounds. Writers can be from anywhere in the world, but all submissions must be in English for the time being.

We are especially interested in submissions about new trends of clothes, new trends of shoes, new trends of makeup, hairs tips, jewelry or nails tricks.

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How can you submit your glamour story?

Guest Author

If you are looking to contribute your content on Viral80 as a guest author, please send your story by email to amdlc2010 @ gmail.com.

We will carefully check, and review all submitted stories. If they are relevant to our readership, we will publish them. We will contact you at the e-mail address you provided to let you know if your article has been accepted for publication. Depending on our article queue, this could be one week or longer from the time of your submission. After your post is published, it will be promoted through our social media channels.

Regular Contributor

If you are looking to contributor to our blog in a regular basis, we invite you to create an account as a regular contributor. Please add a photo, a quick biography and all your social media accounts. At the end of the post, we will feature your profile with your information and all articles you’ve submitted. This makes it easier for readers to get to know you better and quickly access your contributions to the blog.

Also, our team of editors and administrators are constantly marketing and sharing the content around the web and on social media networks — helping our regular contributors build reputation and recognition in their industry.

Before creating your Contributor account, please read these terms:

  • Self-promotion in the body of your story is strictly prohibited. Use your author bio for this purpose.
  • Republishing your own story on your blog is duplication folks and is not allowed.
  • Viral80 reserves the right to edit and adapt the submission to meet our editorial standards.
  • Contributors can be from anywhere in the world, but all submissions must be in English for the time being.
  • Viral80 is not responsible for image’s copyright within your article.
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