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10 Best Tips To Start Bodybuilding


We will answer your questions so that you can start bodybuilding in the right conditions. Here you are at the gym motivated, but alas you feel a little lost between all these machines and all these sports bodybuilders? Here are 10 tips to read before starting your first bodybuilding session.

  1. Set realistic goals

You cannot just go to the gym and do what you want now. You must have a strict routine and follow it closely. From a realistic point of view, it will take at least three months before you start to see differences, both in your body shape and your strength levels, so consider this as a longer-term plan. You might find it helpful to note where you want to be in terms of strength and size in 3, 6, 12 and 18 months.

  1. Get good advice

Ask a personal trainer or bodybuilder who is used to the weight room to provide you with a muscle program that includes the exact exercises you need to do, with the number of reps per workshop.

  1. Start with the right technique

Bodybuilding as a building is based on a good foundation. If you make a mistake, you will probably continue to mislead, so remember that the way your spine is positioned during your ascent can have a huge impact on your body and the amount of weight you are able to lift.

  1. Free weights or machine exercises?

Do not be tempted by bright, complicated machines – they will not have the same impact on size and muscle mass as dumbbells and free weights. These are unbeatable to increase your strength and muscle. They are also particularly suitable for beginners.

However, for beginners, the use of weight machines is a good way to facilitate the bodybuilding process, while helping to ensure that you use proper movement. To get the best of both worlds, consider combining bodybuilding exercises with machine exercises.

  1. Master compound movements first

For best results in muscle mass and fat loss, it is best to start with compound risers such as squat, bench press, shoulder press, folded row, lifted, pull -up and the slot. These movements force you to use several muscle groups at the same time. Doing so will allow you to lift more weight, target more muscles and increase your metabolic rate.

  1. Complete each repetition

Many beginners concentrate too much on a movement on the first concentric phase and forget to stay focused during the eccentric second phase of the movement. You want your muscles to be strong throughout their range of motion and not just the first concentric phase. Another principle that bodybuilding beginners often forget the static phase or compression, at the top of each movement, which can make a big difference in the overall results.

  1. Gradually increase the weights

The exercises should be performed in a flexible and controlled manner with a quantity of weight that you are comfortable handling. Trying to lift too much too early can result in bad shape and injury. So, after having mastered the right formula for each exercise, you must start to increase the weights regularly. Always keep track of how much you lift on each exercise and slightly increase the weight every 2 or 3 sessions. This will increase your strength and lead to better muscle gains.

  1. Diet

If you want to build muscle, then you need to eat more calories than you burn. A well-balanced diet is essential to see significant progress. This diet should consist of macronutrients that you will get with foods high in fat, protein and carbohydrates. However, your body also needs micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) from fruits and vegetables, so be sure to advise and do not guess if you want the best results.

You will need to eat regularly to increase your muscle mass, usually 4 to 5 meals a day. It is recommended to eat before and after each workout.

What you eat before and after your bodybuilding session will play a big role in the results. Make sure to eat foods that contain both protein and carbohydrates, as this will help you get better nutrition.

9 Food supplements

As you begin to train harder, you may find that you need to supplement your usual dietary intake. There is a wide variety of supplements available, but you should proceed with caution when making your choices. It is essential that you take qualified advice before taking supplements for bodybuilding. Your coach can advise you on which food supplements will best suit your needs and how to take them.

  1. Do not exercise every day

Any decent coach will tell you that as a beginner, you only need to train 2 to 3 times a week. You should allow 48 hours between each workout to allow your body to rest and recover. This will really help control the degree of stiffness and pain.

If you follow our advice to the letter, you will see the achievement of your goals.

If you ever started bodybuilding? How it was?

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