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18 Frustrating Things Only Yoga Lovers Understand

Yoga Lovers

Are you yoga lovers? do you feel frustrated about this 18 things? Keep reading and give us your comment.

1. Forgetting your mat and having to use one provided by the studio.

Magnolia Pictures / Via

2. Having a substitute instructor walk in to teach.

NBC / Via

We’ll see how THIS goes.

3. People coming in late and breaking your zen.

NBC / Broadway Video / Via

4. Or showing up late yourself and not being able to find a spot for your mat.

5. Realizing the person beside you forgot to wear deodorant.

Nickelodeon / Via

But, hey, we can’t really point fingers since we’ve all been this person!

6. That one super advanced yogi who absolutely ignores everything the instructor is saying.

YG Entertainment / Via


7. Being an instructor and having your zen playlist end too soon and start playing something obscene.

Paramount Pictures / Via

~Oops~ wrong playlist guys!

8. Falling out of an arm balance and landing on your face.

9. Your instructor going around and giving everyone else mini-massages, but forgetting you.

10. Sweaty huggers who won’t take no for an answer.

Comedy Central / Via

Not that they even ask.

11. Spending all your money on expensive gear.

12. Trying to be “in the moment” but really only thinking about the moment you get to eat.

Cartoon Network / Via

Leggings it is!

13. Going on vacation and not seeing a studio anywhere in sight.

14. People saying: “It’s cool you do yoga to stretch, but what’s your real workout?”

15. Being hit on in your place of zen.

Being hit on in your place of zen.

16. Inviting your friend to a class and finding out after that they absolutely hated it.

Nickelodeon / Via

17. Crushing on your perfect instructor and realizing you’ll only ever be together in your dreams.

Republic Pictures / CBS Television Distribution / Via

18. Actually falling asleep during savasana.

The best dreams are sweet, sweaty yoga dreams. Namaste.

Apatow Productions / Universal Pictures / Via
So, what you think? Are there other things we missed out. Leave them in the comment box below.

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