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Lip Fillers

All About Lip Fillers!

Hylauronic lip fillers are a semi-permanent solution that will give you juicy lips. If you wish to know a bit more about the entire procedure, give us a click!

Are you a fan of plump and luscious lips? Do you like that fuller lip look and you love to seek attention everywhere you go? 

A lot of women can get and should get lip fillers. This treatment is suitable for anyone who wishes for volume overnight. The price is usually around $300 per 1 mL and your doctor will let you know how much filler you actually need. 

Here’s everything that you should know about this treatment!

What are lip fillers?

Lip fillers are semi-permanent lips that are applied with a syringe underneath and directly in your tissue. They can last anywhere from 2-8 months since they are a treatment that requires constant maintenance. The application itself takes around 20 minutes to do. Once done, each and every woman will be left with luscious and larger fuller lips.

Who Should Do Lip Fillers?

Anyone can do lip fillers. You can do them if you are unsatisfied with your natural volume. You can mix and match and get any shape or size that you prefer. Your doctor can inject only a bit of filler into your upper and lower lip. You can also apply it to one lip only, based on your liking. Only people who shouldn’t get lip fillers are those who are prone to allergies or irritation of some sort.

How Long Will The Effects Last?

How Long Will The Effects Last?

Lip filler in most cases is hyaluronic acid or some other similar acid that your doctor will inject in your lips. Some doctors also work with permanent lip filler (such as botox), but these should be avoided at all times and costs since they are dangerous since they can’t dissolve on their own.

If you crave juicy lips and you want beautiful results, stick with hyaluronic semi-permanent lips and you will enjoy them for up to 8 months straight!

Ready For Some Serious Volume?

So, what do you think of lip fillers? Just find an amazing doctor who has experience with injectables. While you’re at it, also figure out how to remove dark circles and enjoy flawless skin, asap!

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