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Beach Items

Beach Must-Have Items

Beach items

My top 3 holy grail beach items always need to be in my handbag! Since Sun can be super damaging and it can dry out our skin, hair & nails I’m always well-equipped and I always bring these 3 items with me, no matter where I go!

Top 3 Beach Item Solutions

An SPF + A Hand Cream

An SPF + A Hand Cream

A high-quality SPF will help your skin rejuvenate and it won’t let you burn wherever you go. Everyone should use it and apply sparingly every 2 hours in order to keep their skin soft and healthy.

Also, try and bring a hand cream with you whenever you are out and about since it will bring back moisture and help your hands stay youthful, fresh and soft.

Hair Mask (Leave In)

Hair Mask (Leave In)

Our hair can easily burn once exposed to Sun (especially blonde or bleached hair type) which is why it is crucial for you to protect your hair just as well as you protect your skin & nails. You can apply a leave in hair mask whenever going out of the house and let it sink into your strands. This will keep them shiny while bouncing back the X-rays and allowing your hair to stay smooth and strong, as well as long.

Sunglasses, One of the beach items


Lastly, because you can’t do quite a lot for your eyes it is crucial for you to wear a pair of high-quality sunnies. Any eyewear which has an UV protection will do, so make sure you are always well-equipped , but especially when exposing your eyes to 20+ degrees Celsius! A pair of classic aviators is a must-have for your sight + these can look super chic and cute.

Ready To Enjoy Your Summer?

Ready to enjoy your beach, pool, or simple everyday casual days with our top three beach items? Which of these do you always carry with you no matter where you go, and which have you been sleeping on? Either way, we are sure that these can be life changing, and that you will use them without a doubt. Any comment? Please use the comment box below. And for more interesting articles, visit our Home page.

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