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beauty secrets

Well-kept beauty secrets that you should know

There’s always a chance to boost your skills in case you’re not too good at applying make-up or if you’re already an expert. For example, even though you’re a professional cat eyeliner artist, you may not be so well-versed as far as styling is concerned. Otherwise, it can be hard for someone to do his or her nails after sculpting the most amazing face. In any case, with such huge influence of social media today, we can easily go through some tips and tricks that would result in improved and much more effective beauty results.

For all those of you who are constantly working on your beauty routines, there are definitely the must-know well-kept beauty secrets. Keep on reading to find out what you can actually do to save time, and money and at the same time get the same or better results with these beauty secrets.

Retinoids in a sandwich

Vitamin A is a powerful anti-aging ingredient that many people find interesting. However, it can sometimes cause irritation. The experts suggest applying a thin layer of gentle moisturizer first, then a thin layer of retinol/retinoid a few minutes later, and finally a thin layer of the same moisturizer. This creates a beauty secret “sandwich” that helps dilute the retinol in the beginning.

Retinoids in a sandwich
New Beauty

Use serums

If you don’t already use a serum, start now. Serums contain a higher percentage of active ingredients in a more penetrative formula than creams, allowing them to target specific skin concerns more effectively. This beauty secret suggests always applying serum before your moisturizer and sunscreen.

How to apply serums

Opt for a new tool

If a jade roller hasn’t given you the de-puffing and brightening benefits you hoped for, try upgrading to a curved, pointed gua sha massage stone. Gua sha works deeper than a jade roller and is a more effective way to boost microcirculation. Gua sha tools can awaken facial acupressure points, a technique used for ages in Chinese medicine. It calms the mind, improves circulation, and helps with sinus issues.

Gua sha tools
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Cloth cleansing

If your skin is too sensitive for chemical or physical exfoliants, muslin cloths provide a gentler option when removing cleansers. The slightly rough texture removes dead skin cells without irritation. Plus, muslin cloths are eco-friendly, replacing disposable cotton pads.

The golden minute

After washing your face and patting it dry, your skin is most susceptible to dehydration via osmosis. Within 60 seconds, the moisture evaporation will occur. However, applying your first skincare product in that window seals in hydration, preventing loss.

Makeup boost techniques

We often think of skincare and makeup as separate things, but they can work well together. This beauty secret suggests mixing a moisturizing serum into the liquid foundation to prevent a cakey look. One with polyglutamic acid is ideal, as it draws in moisture from the air, just like hyaluronic acid and glycerin, to give a beautiful glowing finish.”

Always wear a primer

Alongside a good skincare routine, using a primer is key for flawless makeup application. Primers can help address skin concerns like dullness, oiliness, large pores, or redness.”. This product will make your foundation go on smoothly and last all day.

how to apply a primer

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