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fine hair

Blowdrying Hacks For Fine Hair

Want to give some volume to your fine hair and transform it at your home? Here are all the hair hacks that you should know about!

Women who have naturally thin and fine hair will know the struggle of trying to add any sort of volume to their hair. Sometimes, some hair vitamins & shampoos can fail you, which is why you must discover some other tips & tricks! If you’re ready to fix your fine hair, do all 4 of these steps, and thank us later!

Top 4 Hacks For Fine Hair

1. The Right Shampoo

fine hair

Fine hair is usually pretty oily and thin on its own. When it gets to its 3-4 day, you should wash it! Before you step into the shower, use a shampoo that has a lot of charcoal in it. You should also blot dry and tap dry your hair to get all of the unwanted oils out. Rinse the product twice before you move onto the next step.

2. Use Rollers

Once your hair is washed and semi blow-dried, use a set of hair rollers to style it and to give it volume! You should have any sort of experience with rollers before you add them to your head. If you’re not skilled, ask someone from your house to help you out. Leave these for 15 minutes and then release your hair.

3. Boar Brush

fine hair

A lot of hair experts advise on using a boar bristle brush. It is naturally a lot softer, and perfect for sensitive scalps, as well as scalps that crave volume! It will promote natural circulation while preventing any frizz. Brush your hair out once you are done giving yourself volume with rollers, and be gentle.

4. Hairspray

Lastly, use a hairspray that has root lifting properties. This should be your go-to product, and the one that you should invest in. If you purchase a cheap kind, you can expect a lot of frizz, as well as oils and a wet-looking outcome. However, a hairspray that is medium-high priced will perform at an expert level, leaving you with salon-like volume!

Ready To Combat Fine Hair?

These 4 little tricks will help you combat fine hair. Make sure you do everything accordingly, and you will spot results during your first try, for sure!

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    Posted February 1, 2020 at 8:15 am

    Awesome post! Keep up the great work! :)

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