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Skincare Steps

Don’t Skip On These 4 Skincare Steps

Skincare Steps

Here are the top 4 important Skincare Steps to protect your skin. Let’s start.

Skincare is important, especially during the Summer when temperatures are over thirty degrees Celsius. When exposed to high heat, our skin can burn, crack, and look dull or dehydrated, which is why it is essential to approach it the right way, and with the right set of skincare products.

1. Exfoliate, First of Skincare Steps

Skincare Steps: Exfoliate

Exfoliation will remove any and every dead skin cells from your body. Our bodies shed on a daily, which is why it is important to exfoliate them with an exfoliator, a scrub, or even a spinning brush. Exfoliate your face every other day, and do this also to your body twice a week.

2. Wear Sunscreen

Sunscreen to protect your skin

Prevent aging, fight cancer, and enjoy healthy skin by applying an SPF 30. If your skin is normally sensitive or super dry you should even use an SPF 50. Both men and women should apply this product every morning (especially during the Summer) in order to avoid any harmful UV rays.

3. Use A Hydrating Mist

Skincare Steps: Hydrating

A hydrating mist is usually filled with a lot of natural, refreshing, and soothing ingredients, and it has a cooling property. It will leave your skin looking hydrated, glowy, and it can even act great as a makeup setting spray. You can carry this tool with you wherever you go and spritz your face 2-3 times a day to enjoy the best outcome.

4. Wear Lotion

Skincare Steps: lotion

Lastly, don’t let your skin look ashy, and always use a lotion. You can also use your favorite moisturizer, cream, eye cream, hand cream, and basically any other moisturizing product that you may have laying around. Apply a hefty amount morning and night, and let the product sink in before you leave the house.

Excited About Your Glowing Body?

If you are excited about throwing on some tan know that you will achieve it easily as long as you apply these rules. You will be left with the ultimate and glowy skin, and you won’t experience any breakouts, redness or patches.

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