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Fall Makeup

Fall Makeup Look

Fall Makeup

It is the Fall season, and you know what that means – dark & bold lipsticks for most of us. If you are someone who loves to do their makeup depending on the current season you will love hopping onto this trend. Here is how to do your Fall makeup and enjoy it for both daily & night-out events.

Top 4 Must-Do Steps For Your Fall Makeup

Flawless Base

Flawless Base for Fall Makeup

Always start off with a flawless base. Since it is a bit colder than the usual you may want to use a hydrating primer, it will give your face just a  hint of that glow. On top of that apply a foundation which matches your skin tone exactly! There is no reason to go darker in the Fall since pale complexion is so in!



Stay away from the well-known & adored sun-kissed look. Instead, contour your cheekbones & define your jawline, as well as your forehead. Go for a muted lighter (almost gray-like shade) and apply it over features that you need and want to slim-down.

Plum Eyeshadow

Plum Eyeshadow for Fall Makeup

Everyone loves to play around with eyeshadow, but during Fall everyone ”falls” in love with dark berries & plum eyeshadows. If this is your first time experimenting & trying to emphasize your eyes go for a muted brown in the crease and only a bit of color on the lid. You will love this look for every day & night-out glam.

Dark Matte Lipstick

Dark Matte Lipstick

A dark matte lipstick screams sophistication. Women love it since it goes so well with the dark & mysterious theme. If you love dark red, berries, browns or even purples – make sure you make your lips pop! Emphasize your outer corners and make your lips stand out with a sexy dark lip.

Time To Fall Makeup

So, which one out of these steps is your favorite to do? Are there some that we forgot to mention? Please let us know how you’ll be doing your makeup this entire season, and let us know which step is a must-do for you on a daily basis!

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