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Fake Freckles

How To Do Fake Freckles?

A fan of the fake freckled look? If so, here is how you can achieve Fake Freckles in four different ways!

Are you a fan of fake freckles? They are so youthful, as well as easy to achieve, as long as if you have the right makeup items, brushes, as well as needed tools. Here are the top four ways on how you can achieve this trendy look!

1. Use a brow pencil

The easiest and quickest way is for you to draw your freckles one by one with your eyebrow pencil. Make sure that your foundation is semi-sticky since this way your brow pencil will give the best pigment, and your freckles will look realistic.

2. Use henna

Use henna

If you want something long-lasting and you’re on the lookout for a product that will leave you with amazing results, use henna. Once properly dotted with a small pencil brush on top of your face, the results will stay on for two weeks! Make sure that you are precise, as well as confident when it comes to this makeup application.

3. Fake tan is a good idea

You can use a bit of your fake tan which is 3 shades darker than your actual skin tone. Dot the product with a small pencil and you will love the results for 5-10 days! Yet again, you should be careful and super precise with this process.

4. Brow pomade

Brow pomade

You can use a brow pomade or any similar liquid makeup product on top of your face, but also use a flat synthetic brush. Dab the brush into your brow pomade. Place it as close to your face, press between your fingertips, and spritz away! By doing this movement you will create small flakes that will look realistic. If you want different sized freckles, this trick is perfect for you!

Ready to look your best?

So, ready to try out this makeup trend? Which one of these top four steps are you going to do right away? While you’re at it, you could also figure out how to do some loose curls and embrace a new hairstyle, along with your freckled look!

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