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How to do loose curls

How to do loose curls

Loose and wavy curs are some of the prettiest curls that you can wear. Here’s all that you should know about loose curls hairstyle.

A lot of women love the look of loose and wavy curls. It s a feminine hairstyle that suits most head shapes when done right. A wavy hairstyle will suit you for everyday wear and you will also like it for your night outs and when going somewhere formal. Here’s all that you should know about this hairdo!

1. Use the right shampoo

Use the right shampoo

Use a hair shampoo that is free of parabens and sulfates. Use something that is catered per your hair type, your length, as well as your hair condition. If it is color-treated use a hair shampoo that is for colored hair.

2. Never skip on using your conditioner

It is quite important to deep condition your hair. You should use a nourishing hair mask that will penetrate your strands. Also, book yourself some hair styling treatments every here and there, such as

Olaplex since it will really loosen your hair.

3. Use a set of rollers instead of a curling wand

Use a set of rollers instead of a curling wand

Once washed, cleansed, and beautiful, it is time to style your hair! We highly recommend using a set of old-school hair rollers since they are great for damaged, weak, dry, as well as brittle, and thin hair. They are also a must-have if your hair is naturally prone to damage, and you should avoid heat at all costs!

4. Set it with a hairspray

Last, but not least, once styled and flawless, you should lock in your curls with a trustworthy hairspray! Spritz the product over your curls and it will stick them in place + will help with the longevity of your hair. Use a lightweight hairspray that won’t leave you with sticky strands.

Ready to rock your hairdo?

Ready to show off your feminine and soft curls everywhere you go? This article will suit any woman, no matter her hair length, style, color, or texture! While you’re at it, you should also read this article and spice up your skincare and beauty routine

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