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Perfect Club Makeup Look

How To Do The Perfect Club Makeup Look

Are you ready to party? Well, you will be after reading our article! Here’s how to long sexy all night long (water-proof and sweat-resistant club makeup look tips).

Are you a party animal? Are you planning your next big night out with the girls? Maybe it is your birthday? Well, either way it is, you will appreciate this article! Here, we will teach you how to do your night-out, durable & resistant makeup! See for yourself down below.

Top 3 Makeup Tricks For The Perfect Club Makeup Look

1. Prime

Your foundation & your base makeup will look amazing only if you use a face primer. You should use one of two different kinds:

a) A matter primer – this one is perfect for women with oily skin

b) Hydrating & illuminating primer – the best primer for women with dry skin

Apply a dime-size amount to your face and let it sink in. Only after it does, apply your foundation! This will prolong its longevity, easily!

2. Emphasize Your Eyes

Club Makeup Look

Every party look is all about emphasizing your eyes & improving your eye makeup. You should prime your eyelids with an eye primer (can be an actual primer or you can use a concealer).

Dab it in with your beauty blender. Once it sets, do your eyeshadow! We highly recommend that you stick to dark brown, gray, or matte shadows. These look the prettiest and are the most appropriate during night-time.

3. Set It All

Last, but definitely not least, you will need even more protection! How will you achieve it? With the right setting spray! 

A makeup setting spray is used as a final step in your makeup routine. You will need 3-4 spritz of this product in order for your makeup to stay in place.

Just place it 3 inches away from your face, and spritz away! Yet again, if you have oily skin, you should use a matte spray. If your skin is dry go for a hydrating & illuminating radiance-boosting setter!

Once you spritz it, your makeup won’t move, no matter the hour of the day!

Ready To Party?

And there you have it! The right way to do your club makeup. You should also figure out how to do party hairstyles while you’re at it, and also match it to your beauty look! Figure out how to do it right here

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