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Fall makeup look

How to get the perfect Fall makeup look

Ready to look amazing and feel amazing this Fall? Here’s how you should do your makeup and enjoy the flirty look for everyday wear! Let’s see the perfect Fall makeup look.

The fall season is ahead, and almost everyone is excited about cooler days. Do you prefer leaves, chilly clouds, as well as looser outfits? What about statement vampy makeup?

In this article, we will present and teach you how to achieve the perfect Fall makeup in less than 4 steps. Here’s what you’ll love to do in the Fall of 2020.

How to get the perfect Fall makeup look

Top 4 steps to perfect Fall makeup

1. Prime & conceal

Always prime your skin before you do any heavy makeup. You should use a radiance-boosting primer and only a dash of concealer to cover some of your darker patches. Dab the product in with your fingers and let it dry down, but don’t set it with powder since you will want to emphasize this natural vibe.

2. Go for blueberry eyes

Go for blueberry eyes

Dark mauves, purples as well as blueberry colors will look amazing and flirty for the fall season. You should do a dark purple or red in the crease, and a matte shade of your choice over the lid. Don’t forget a winged liner since it is a must for this time of the year.

3. Contour is a must

Contour your face with a light and cool-toned shade. Apply your favorite bronzer or contour shade to the cheeks of your face and over your forehead. Light, cool-toned, and gray based shades are a must for the fall + they will give your face more dimension.

4. Dark vampy lip wins

Dark vampy lip wins

Lastly, you should finish off your makeup look with the right vampy lip. Usually, dark brown, purple, red, or mauve colors are an absolute go-to for the fall. Outline your lips with the right lip liner and you will love this everyday wearable look! Let your lipstick dry down before you head out and embrace the matte look!

Time to look gorgeous!

Simply follow these four steps and you will love your everyday or formal Fall makeup look. Also, learn how to do a pedicure and enjoy a bit of pampering on your own !

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