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Matte VS Dewy

Matte VS Dewy

Do you wear matte or dewy foundations? Which one is your favorite? Find out which one you should use based on your skin type by reading this article: Matte VS Dewy.

Are you on a lookout for the perfect foundation? Are you a fan of the matte or a dewy look? Some women prefer looking poreless while others like the seamless all even complexion. If you are on a lookout for some tips and tricks on how to apply your foundation, keep on reading! Here is all about the matte and dewy complexion. 

Why Go For The Matte Look?

Matte look is usually more wearable and suitable by women with oily skin types. This is because matte products can tame down your oils and make them stay in place without smudging your makeup. If you have normal skin you can go both ways and stick to a look that you prefer on that given day.

Why Go For The Dewy Look?

If your skin is dry you should try to make it look a bit more hydrated. Women with dry skin should stick with nourishing, moist and hydrating products. The best way to do that is to use illuminating primers foundations etc. 

How To Do Your Makeup?

Apply your favorite matte primer with your fingers. Let it sink into the skin before you move onto your foundation application. Dab the product in and then reach for a brush along with a high coverage foundation. Usually (and luckily) matte products are way easier to find in a full coverage form. Apply the foundation with your brush and make dabbing motions. Once you’re done set all of your makeup with your matte powder and do pressing motions. Use a round fluffy brush to get the best pigment and the best coverage outcome. You can set your face with a matte setting spray in the end. 

Matte VS Dewy

Women with dry skin can use an illuminating or radiance-boosting primer. Make sure you’ve applied your moisturizer before that. After the primer sinks into the skin it is time for foundation. Women who love natural and dewy outcomes should apply a low to medium coverage foundation with their fingers. Those who are on a lookout for higher coverage can use a beauty blender or a sponge. Once done you can set your makeup in place with powder or you can leave it as it is. In the end, spritz your face with a setting spray that has illuminating properties.

dewy makeup

Ready To Do Makeup?

Do you feel like you’ve learned a lot from this article? If you’re ready to give your skin a complete pamper routine, check out this article it will transform any skin type!

Also you can let us know in the comments box below which one you prefer on Matte VS Dewy.

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