Skincare is an essential step to glow, healthy, and creaseless skin! As you probably know it by now; the more water you drink, the healthier and shinier your skin will be. However, besides this well-known trick, would you like to know some other facts which are known and only shared in the beauty industry, as well as among some models and actresses? If so, here are the top 4 most unusual skincare items which you should know about.

Top 4 Skincare Secrets


11. Charcoal Mask

As you’ve probably known it by now; charcoal masks can clear up the skin and remove any dead skin cells. However, did you know that you need to open up your pores in order for this mask to work? Try and steam your face for 10 minutes and only then apply your charcoal mask on top. Leave it on for 15 minutes and slowly peel off to remove any unwanted gunk.