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Top 4 Skincare Steps You Must Know About


Skincare is an essential step to glow, healthy, and creaseless skin! As you probably know it by now; the more water you drink, the healthier and shinier your skin will be. However, besides this well-known trick, would you like to know some other facts which are known and only shared in the beauty industry, as well as among some models and actresses? If so, here are the top 4 most unusual skincare items which you should know about.

Top 4 Skincare Secrets

1. Charcoal Mask

Charcoal Mask

As you’ve probably known it by now; charcoal masks can clear up the skin and remove any dead skin cells. However, did you know that you need to open up your pores in order for this mask to work? Try and steam your face for 10 minutes and only then apply your charcoal mask on top. Leave it on for 15 minutes and slowly peel off to remove any unwanted gunk.

2. Never Touch Your Face

Every dermatologist will advise that you avoid touching your face, and this actually is the most important step to flawless skin. By not touching your face with your fingers (whenever you are outside) you won’t smear any bacteria or impurities on your outer layer. If you really have to, rather pat your face with a tissue, or use a hand sanitizer before you touch the skin.

3. Mix And Match

Try and purchase a lot of natural and organic skincare products in order to get that glow from within. The more you mix and match (such as different brands and products) you will end up with the most unique outcome. You can also use raw products (such as coconut oils, cucumber masks, sugar scrubs etc) to boost your moisture level, and to enjoy a healthy outcome.

4. Toothpaste Does The Trick

Toothpaste Does

This trick is something that Bella Hadid promotes, which is a must-do if you are dealing with a sudden zit. If you need an overnight solution try and place a tiny little dot on top of your new breakout. Leave it on during the night and wash out the next morning with warm water.

Which Is Your Must?

Lastly, let us know which of these 4 steps is going to be your must. Or maybe you have tried one of these tricks already? Either way, you can’t go wrong with our bulletproof skincare solutions, which are ideal for any skin type.

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