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Curvy Girls

Styling And Shopping Tricks Of The Curvy Girls

Curvy Girls

If you have a size 36 and you are tall, it seems comfortable to get dressed. The models almost everything feels good (that’s why they are models and are dedicated to showing off clothes). The thing is complicated if your body is not perfect. Little by little, you learn what is right for you and what does not. Several curvy girls (or large sizes) tell us their secrets of style and the places where they buy, something that can end up giving you a lot of headaches.

A common mistake among how to dress if you are a big size is that it seems that all large sizes are the same, and no. Some have a proportioned body, with curves, although large. Others have a problem with their belly, others with their hips, or with their legs. The silhouette is different between these girls, although all are large sizes.

Style Tricks For Curvy Girls

As you know, each one has its own body. With more or less curves, of more or less height and with weak and strong points. For this reason, we must know our body well to know how to choose the clothes that best suit us. But apart from this, there are also certain clothes that are great for real women who wear curvy fashion or large sizes . Here are some tricks:

These are some of the things that these girls do to look stylish, their favorite clothes, and some tricks of my own harvest:

  • Blazers structured and leather jackets and warm clothes.
  • Maxi-dresses and maxi-skirts.
  • Wear a thin belt marking waist (this is recommended by a girl with the upper part of her body quite large).
  • Fear not colored.
  • The accessories are your allies, because they ” distract ” and add a point of interest in your look.
  • The heels stylize, obvious, but no less true.
  • If you have diabolo body, no matter how much your size, you will always fit the feminine garments, the dresses that mark the waist, the flying skirts …
  • All have garments of brands that do not sell large sizes. You never know what’s going to stay right and adjust to your body. If they have stretch, they can be worth, and dresses can be worn as robes.
  • Invest in basics that feel really good, like jeans, although you have to adjust them to measure (for example, that you have to put the waist so they fit well hip).
  • The latest trends are also for you, why stay without trying the peplums?
  • Wear good bras, that enhance your figure. You have to find the correct size.
  • Give prominence to the best part of your body, which can be the legs, the neckline, or the waist.
  • Beware of the layers you add to the look, the more you add, the look will look heavier. If you light an oversize garment, let the rest of the looks be adjusted.
  • Balance with the volume. If you have wide hips, a detail in the shoulders compensates the figure.

Stores where to buy

Online shopping becomes the best ally for your purchases. At first, you can go wrong with the size, but little by little you know what size to buy in each web. Your tour of stores: Forever 21, Dorothy Perkins, H & M, Topshop, Asos Curve, and SimplyBe, etc.

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