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Summer hair color

Summer Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

Summer is here which means bright & vibrant colors, as well as a lot of innovative hairdos. If you want to stay trendy and you want to match your hair color to your skin tone, this article will help you achieve all of that! Here is how you can get the ultimate hair for the Summer based on your skin tone. Keep ready and find your summer hair color.

1. Highlights

Summer means high heat, cocktails, and a lot of tanning! If you are a fan of sun-kissed and bronzed looks know that a set of ombre or sombre highlights will look amazing on you. Once the Sun hits your face & your hair you will be left with an overall glow and a beautiful shiny outcome.

You should get a set of cool or warm toned highlights if you love minimalistic & effortless hair looks. Wondering which undertone of highlights will look the best on you? Continue reading to understand your category.

2. Undertones

Understone skin

If you look into your veins and they appear slightly blue or purple, know that you have a cool undertone. However, if they are green, you have a warm undertone.

Women with cool undertones usually have a slight pink hue to their skin tone and they also burn easily once exposed to the Sun. On the other hand, women with warm undertones have a slight olive or yellow undertone, and they tan quite easily.

If you are somewhere in between and you have both blue & green veins congrats; you can sway both ways!

3. Skin Tone

Skin tone

Now, if your skin tone is cool why not try out some icy blonde options? Usually, women with cool undertones will look great with washed out colors, slight grays, as well as pure black hair dyes! You can also bleach your hair entirely since it will complement your undertone.

Skin tone

Meanwhile warmer skin tones will look great with anything that has a slight golden reflect. You can go for honey blonde highlights, warm & beige blondes, as well as auburn colors. Always add a hint of gold, yellow, orange, or chocolate to your hair dyes since you can rock these like no one else!

Ready To Switch It Up?

So, what do you think? Are you slightly more cool or warm toned? Whichever it is, know that highlights will suit you this Summer hair color season, as long as you go for the right tone. Also, if you are trying to clear out your skin for the upcoming holiday season, read this article “How To Get Flawless Skin For The Summer “ and thank us later.

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