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Skin care secrets

Surprisingly effective Skin care secrets no one tells you about

With tonnes of information available on the internet about skin care you might think you are armed with the best skin care regimen ever. But then why do you still have skin problems? The truth is that there are simple and surprisingly effective skin care secrets that no one tells you about, simply because they are not the experts.

Here are 3 surprisingly effective skin care tips which the best dermatologists vouch for. Follow these skin care secrets and you will have baby soft glowing skin in no time.

  1.  Invest time in your skin regimen every night.
skin regimen every night

Not only because you are done with the day and have time to finally sit down and give yourself some me time, dermatologists say that the skin naturally repairs itself at night time and this is why all the products you use, especially night cream and serums work best when used at night.

  • Use SPF without fail.

While SPF does protect you against suntan which is a cosmetic advantage it also protects you from early ageing and skin cancer caused by free radicals in the skin. This is the most important step in your skincare regimen because if your skin is not protected against damage all the nourishing and hydrating products will not be able to take care of it.

  • The neck and upper chest area need as much care as your face.  
neck and upper chest area

It is great that you take care of your face, but did you know that the neck and upper chest skin is as susceptible to tanning, ageing and other damage as your face? Dermatologists suggest that this entire area is one skin unit. Therefore, make sure that your daily skincare routine includes these areas too and use the same products for these areas that you use on your face.

Surprisingly effective Skin care secrets that suit every skin type!

These skin care secrets are surprisingly effective and applicable to women of all ages and all skin types. You don’t need to think twice about whether these tips will suit your skin type because they are universally applicable.

Try these tips for a few weeks and when you see the difference this has made to your skin; it will be worth the effort of making these little changes to your skin care regimen.

As summer is around the corner, we suggest you pick the sunscreen that best fits your skin. To know how to choose the right one, look to this article: Know How To Choose Your Sunblock And Protect Your Skin From The Sun.

If you already tried these skin care secrets, what were the results?

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