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Nail Designs

Top 3 Must Do Nail Designs For The Summer

Nail Designs

Summer is here, and you better be ready for it! For women worldwide, this is the period for experimenting with bright colors, funky designs, and unusual patterns. In most cases women love to experiment with bright and hot neon colors, which is actually where we got our inspiration for our nail designs. If you want to have a pair of hot nail designs, here is what you should go for!

Top 3 Nail Designs

1. Hot Coral

Bright and vibrant pink is the typical go-to girly choice. If you love feminine and sexy nail designs, you are going to love this hot coral color. It will look great on deeper complexions, and it is a statement color for sure.

2. Matte Yellow

If you prefer matte nails over glossy and shiny ones, why not go for matte yellow? This color is usually a must-have during heaty and steamy seasons, and it looks super bold once it attracts some sunlight. It looks the prettiest once it is shaped into a square, and it can even look cute once done on shorter natural nails.

3. Green Gems

Nails in green color usually scream money, luxury, and sophistication. If you are a fan of funky designs, gems, shimmering details, and larger pieces, why not go for this design? It is playful, funky, and beautiful but in its own way. Women who love to seek attention and who prefer acrylic nails over natural ones will love these green gems the most.

Which Design Will Be Your Go-To Choice?

So, after reading and looking into these 3 nail designs, which one is your favorite? For most women, short and natural nails are usually the way to go. But since Summer is all about experimenting and enjoying funky designs, why not go out of your comfort zone and try out something new? Also, here is our recommendation when it comes to the ultimate makeup look that you should do during the Summer: Summer Makeup Are you looking for more nail tricks, go to our home page Viral80.

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