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Bridal makeup look

Bridal makeup look

Are you a bride to be? If so, you will love this article, as well as our top 5 simple steps that are easy to follow for a Bridal makeup!

Planning on getting married sometime soon? Not too sure what look to go for? Don’t worry about it, there are makeup tricks that can suit every woman, and every bride to be! This look will suit every face shape and every girl, no matter her age or skin type! Here is how to look fabulous in just 5 steps!

Steps for Bridal makeup look

1. Really prime the skin

Priming your skin and using the right base is crucial! You should prep your skin since this step will prolong the longevity of your makeup.

Women with dry skin should use a hydrating, glowy & radiance-boosting primer.

Women with oily skin should use a matte primer.

2. Use a lightweight foundation

Always start out slow and gradually build your foundation. It is always way easier to add on than it is to remove it. Apply medium coverage & lightweight foundation + use a damp sponge to blend it all in.

3. Go for soft brows

Are you a fan of softer & more natural eyebrows? If so, you will love the bushy look! Use a tinted brow gel and swipe the product and the brush upwards to get that even look.

Go one shade lighter than the actual color of your natural eyebrows.

4. Use lash extensions

Use lash extensions

Lash extensions will add so much more to every look. You should get a lash fill since it is so durable & long-lasting. 

Lash extensions are waterproof & cry-resistant, which means that you can cry at your wedding without worrying that they are going to smudge, smear, or move!

5. A tinted lip balm and cheek is a must

Lastly, you can multi-task with a tinted cheek balm. You should apply your favorite peachy or rosy cheek balm with your ring finger. Dab the product over your cheeks and use the exact same color over your lips. It will make the look so subtle, pretty & cohesive!

Ready to say ”I do” to this Bridal makeup?

And there you have it! These top 5 steps are a must-do if you are a bride to be. Also, while you’re at it, why not figure out how to do some amazing party hairstyles, these can come in handy for brides as well!

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