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How To Tan

How To Tan Like Never Before!

Are you a fan of naturally bronzed looks? If you plan on going to the beach, read this article about how to tan! We are going to tell you how to look glowy and sun-kissed.

Are you craving that glowy, bronzy, as well as sun-kissed complexion? A lot of women love to tan, self-tan, as well as sunbathe during the Summer season. If you want to get rid of your pale complexion and you are on a lookout for that flawless outcome, keep on reading! Here are our top 4 tips that will help you speed up your tanning process!

1. Caffeine boost early in the morning

Caffeine boost early in the morning

Did you know that a cup of coffee can boost your natural glow? In fact, your skin will tan twice as faster and as easier if you intake coffee thirty minutes before any sun exposure. Coffee is an amazing antioxidant that will prevent any sun damage, but it will give you chocolate like glow!

2. Water, a lot of it

If you plan on spending loads of your free time under the sun, make sure to drink a lot of water. Water will restore your lost hydration, and it will keep your skin replenished and moisturized! It will also allow you to keep on reapplying more and more creams or SPF since it will eat it up, literally!

3. Know when to stop

You need to know when to draw the line. You should sunbathe at specific periods, such as from 8-11 and 4-6. Why is this so? The Sun is the most damaging from 12-3. During this period you might experience some actual burning of the skin!

4. Use an SPF with a glow-boosting factor

Use an SPF with a glow-boosting factor

Last and not least, use the right SPF for your skin type, but also your radiant complexion. You should use an SPF 30 (at least) but purchase a product that has a lot of vitamin C, carrot oil, or Shea butter in it. Similar products and ingredients will leave you looking glowy and healthy after your tanning hours.

Ready to look bronzy?

So, are you ready to look healthy and glow? Just follow these top 4 simple steps and you will love your complexion. Also, if you are off to your summer getaway or the beach, bring the right clothes with you! Here’s what you will need for the beach:

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