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Bright Summer Makeup

Bright Summer Makeup Look

Wondering how to do a bright summer makeup look? Here is how to look as flawless & as noticeable during the summer of 2020!

The summer is here, which means that you should enjoy your free time and have the time of your life! During the summer season, a lot of women tend to experiment with their makeup looks. Are you ready to try out something new? If so, here’s how to get the bright summer makeup look!

Top 4 Steps For The Bright Summer Makeup Look

1. Pop Of Color

Pop Of Color for Bright Summer Makeup

Always start out with your eyes, especially if you are doing a dramatic and noticeable look. Prime your eyelids and apply a bright shadow over the lid! We highly recommend placing either a vibrant pink, blue, green, or yellow! Make sure that you color coordinate your look with a shirt, or with some other accessories that you might have. 

2. Lashes

Make your look even more noticeable and let it pop with the right eyelashes! You should place your favorite pair and glue some faux mink lashes on top of your natural ones. Secure the look with two coats of mascara, and enjoy your bright fantasy!

3. BB Cream

BB Cream

During the summer, women don’t love heavy-duty face products. This is why we recommend that you stick to something simple and lightweight, such as a BB cream. Let your skin rest and breathe, and enjoy that glow from within!

4. Coral Lip

Lastly, make sure that your lips pop and that they look as juicy as ever! Go for a bright coral lipstick and a lip gloss that will seek attention everywhere you go. Hydrated lips and moisturized lips are the look of 2020!

Ready To Party?

Are you ready to party with your summer makeup look? As you can see this is quite easy to do and achieve, as long as you have basic products! While you’re here, why not also discover what are the prettiest nail shades for this season:

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