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Apply Mascara

How To Apply Mascara?

Do you hate when your natural lashes look flat & straight? If so, here’s how to apply mascara and achieve the right volume in only three steps!

Don’t you just hate it when your natural lashes can’t hold a curl? This happens to a lot of women. However, with our tips & tricks, you will achieve the prettiest curl & with ease! Here’s how.

How To Apply Mascara In 3 Steps

1. Use A Lash Primer

A lash primer is powerful and it has an amazing stronghold power. You should use a lash primer over your natural lashes. You can choose either a clear or black lash primer. Apply two coats of it and let it get semi-sticky, but not completely dry. This will prime your lashes and allow them to stand out even more.

2. Add Two Coats

Add Two Coats

Once the base gets sticky it is time for you to add your favorite mascara. Add two coats of it over your upper and bottom lashes. Make sure you use a waterproof mascara since it will provide you with the best color payoff, and it will give you rich volume!

3. Use A Lash Curler

Lastly, make sure that you use a lash curler if you want to get an amazing curl. Lash curlers are made out of metal and plastic, and they are super easy to use while being quite inexpensive. Press your lash curler against your natural lashes and lift them up by doing 2-3 pressing motions. Don’t let your mascara get too clumpy and enjoy the volume!

Ready For Some Serious Volume?  And there you have it. The right and easiest way to apply your mascara. Do you feel like you can do this with ease? Our three steps will guarantee volume & dramatic color payoff for every woman, so why not test out our helpful tips? While you’re at it, you can also figure out how to brighten up your under-eyes, remove dark circles, and end up with a radiant complexion. Here’s how:

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