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Did Your Deodorant Expire? 4 Rules You Must Know

An expired Deodorant can irritate your skin, and it can smell fishy as well as unpleasant. Find out different kinds, how to use one, and learn how to store it!

Wondering how to tell if your deodorant has expired? Unfortunately, plenty of us do not know what is the right and proper way to store a it. Others, also, can have a hard time repurchasing their perfect type. If you want to know a bit more about deodorant use, storage, as well as the expiration date – keep on reading! We will save you from many “fishy” situations.

Top 4 Things You Should Know About Your Deodorant – Personal Hygiene Rules Incoming

Your Deodorant Does Expire

Unfortunately, everything has an expiration date, and this includes your deodorant as well. If you are using an antiperspirant, it will last you for 3 years (tops). If you are using a natural or mild kind, it will last you for 12-24 months. However, every manufacturer will place an expiration date on the bottle – the label will be either on top of the cap or on the back.

Make Sure You Store It Properly

Make Sure You Store Deodorant Properly

Every item needs to be stored properly. For instance, your favorite skincare items probably have and deserve a specific place in your cabinets, right? Just like that, your deodorants demand cool, dark and proper storage. You should always put them in an air-controlled space, and you should not let it stay anywhere where the temperature is above 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Watch Out For Its Consistency

Deodorant consistency changes, depending on your purchased kind. For instance, gels are wetter than roll-on sticks, while antiperspirants are harsh and filled with antibacterial properties. If your deodorant changes it’s consistency, color or smell – think about replacing it with a new kind. Switch up your purchased product ever 6-12 months, and you’ll be safe rather than sorry!

Watch Out How You Shave


Lastly, we have to advise you to always shave before you apply your deodorant. It will adhere to cleansed and hair-free skin the easiest. Make sure you use a high-quality razor, and you will love your results, and it will leave you with long-lasting and refreshing results!

Time To Freshen Up with Deodorant!

Time To Freshen Up!

Ready to use your deodorant the right way? Since now you know everything about proper storage as well as different kinds – which deodorant will suit you the most? Make sure you replace it every 12-24 months, and always shave beforehand! Your skin, as well as others around you, will thank you.

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