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How to do glitter eye makeup?

Glitter eye makeup suits women who love dramatic eye looks! Are you someone who needs an eye look for the upcoming holiday season? If so, here’s how to do it!

The upcoming holiday season will allow you to experiment with your makeup, a lot. You should be doing all crazy kinds of looks since the bigger and bolder = the better. This is why you should do glitter eyeshadow, and your makeup will pop! Here is how to do it, perfect for any upcoming event.

Top 6 Steps For Glitter Eye Makeup

Step 1: Do your eyes first, always. You will experience a lot of fallout, which you won’t like. Make sure you prep your eyes with the right concealer or your favorite eyeshadow base. As long as it is sticky and easy to spread, it will work!

Step 2: Apply brown eyeshadow to your crease. Use small blending brushes, and make sure you do circular back and forth blending motions. This will give dimensions to your eye look.

Step 3: Add your favorite silver or golden glitter onto your eyelids! It is essential to use a sticky base on your inner and outer corners. Apply your shimmers with your ring finger – this way they will stick on with ease, and you will have a festive eye look!

Step 4: Finish off the eye portion with a winged out liner, as well as with two coats of your favorite mascara. Make sure you take your time with these steps since they will demand precision!

Step 5: Use a wet wipe to clean off the excess, as well as the unwanted residue. Rub away the glitter or any fallout till your face is free of any makeup.

Step 6: Do your foundation, powder, brows as well as lipstick. Take your time when blending everything in, and make sure it doesn’t mess up your eyeshadow.

Ready For Glitter?


With slow and precise motions, you will easily achieve the perfect glitter eye! Make sure you have high-quality products because simple and non-tacky glitters and primers won’t allow you to get the job done. In less than 30 minutes, you can have the ultimate glitter makeup; so what are you waiting for? Time to look glam is now!

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