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French manicure

How To Do French Manicure

French manicure

French manicure is a must-have design for women who love formal and elegant nails. Learn how to do this process on your own, at home, now!

Wondering how to do a French manicure? This is a beautiful design that suits workaholic women the best. This nail design is best for the office, and it looks amazing on both shorter and longer nails. Want to do it on your own and save some money? Keep on reading, and become your own nail tech!

List Of Things You’ll Need for your French Manicure:

  • A nail file
  • Nail trimmers
  • Base coat
  • White nail polish
  • Soft baby pink polish
  • Top coat polish

Step By Step Process

Prepare Your Nails

Prepare Your Nails for French manicure

Make sure your nails are free of any dirt and gunk. Wash them with some soap and lukewarm water. Remove any hangnails and make sure your nails are squeaky clean. Use your nail file to get your preferred shape, and make sure all of your nails are the same length.

Time For A Base

Time For A Base

After your nails are clean and dry, apply your favorite base coat on top. Make sure you use a clear and high-quality base coat since it will hold all of your other polishes in place, and it won’t allow them to crack or peel off.

White Nail Polish

White Nail Polish for your French manicure

Time to make your white French tips. Make sure you have steady hands when doing this part. Place your finger on a flat surface and gently create a line over your upper nail. If you end up creating any mess, just use a Q-tip to remove the excess.

Baby Pink

Baby Pink

Choose a soft baby pink nail polish and add it on top after your white dries down. This will make the whole look a lot more natural and cohesive.

Add Topcoat

Add Topcoat

Seal the deal with your favorite top coat. Make sure you use a hydrating and long-lasting kind, since it will keep your polish in place for days to come!

Ready To DIY Your French Manicure?

As you can see, the French manicure is pretty simple to do. All you have to do is have the right set of products, as well as proper nail polishes. You will easily achieve your design; just remember that practice makes everything perfect!

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