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Hair Hacks

Hair Hacks To Try In January 2020!

Hair Hacks

Do you want stronger, healthier, as well as shinier hair in 2020? Try these top 4 hair hacks for any hair type and thank us later!

In 2020, a lot of us will try and switch up something regarding our looks. Some women will get their brows tattooed, others will love lip fillers, and some, well, may invest a bit more love & care into their hair. If you are one of them and you are wondering how to transform your hair, keep on reading!

Top 4 Hair Hacks To Try In January 2020

Go Heat Free

Go Heat Free for better Hair Hacks

If you want to grow out longer, healthier, as well as nourished strands – stay away from heat. In January, try to avoid your blow dryer, hair iron, curling iron, or any other form of heat. Let your hair air dry and embrace your natural texture! By February, your hair will be as healthy as never before!

Eat The Right Food

Eat The Right Food

Eat your greens & proteins! Stay away from sugar and incorporate biotin-based supplements to your routine. Biotin is known for boosting your hair growth, and it is an inexpensive solution that you can find at any bigger drugstore. Aside from this, don’t forget to eat a lot of chicken & salmon, these will do wonders to your hair!

Don’t Wash Your Hair Too Often

Don't Wash Your Hair Too Often for better Hair Hacks

Washing your hair too often strips away your natural oils. You should wash it once a week and let it ait dry, as previously said. Also, try to use a lot of dry shampoos to cover your oils. You can also experiment with some high bun hairstyles to hide any impurities.

Use A Silk Pillowcase

Use A Silk Pillowcase

Lastly, sleep on the softest sheets! A silk or satin pillowcase is amazing for your hair, but also your skin. It will prevent frizz, breaking off the strands, and will make your hair & skin super soft and shiny!

Ready To Try These Hair Hacks?

So, which of these hair hacks is your favorite, and is already a part of your hair-care routine? Let us know any similar remedies for healthy and fast growth in 2020 and help other women around you achieve shiny locks!

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